Our Stories

Adoption is ___________.  You could fill in the blank with so many things.  

Scary. Rewarding. Fulfilling. Complicated. Surprising. The Gospel.  

Although each adoption is as unique as the people involved, we believe that it's helpful

to be able to hear real-life stories of people who have gone through the process before. 

Here are a few such stories...

Celebrating an Adoptive Child's Life

Amanda Ury, one of the children who has been adopted through Antioch Adoptions, has an amazing life story to tell about her past. Yet, it is the brightness of her future and the aroma of God's glory in it all which captures all of our hearts. 


Beauty from Ashes

Watch this video about a family who took in an adoptive placement,

only to have their world turned upside down (again) just days later...


A Promise of Healing

When I was asked to share our adoption story I knew it had to be an honest recounting. To this day, those who were vulnerable and shared both the highs and lows of the process with us during the training are the ones whose words I remember and hold onto.

When people ask if we would do it all over again, our response is, “Absolutely.” We all know the biblical basis and God’s heart for adoption. And what an incredible moment it is when the judge declares your child yours. Adoption, for us, has also been a faith-building, knees-buckling in prayer, tear-filled journey at times. 

Our hearts adopted our daughter in 2005 when she was 3 years old....  


Adoption as a Lifestyle

Watch this video to see Kevin and Julie's story - an everyday couple who was faithful to take a step of faith (and another... and another...) - and get a sense of the impact one family can make.