Bailee Bac

Case Manager

Bailee’s passion for children who have been abandoned, neglected, and abused started at a very young age and has only grown with time.  


Bailee received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work and a minor in Psychology and Bible from Biola University. This program studied both the child welfare system and provided her with a Bible-based approach as to how to best love, understand, and support children from these backgrounds. Bailee also had the opportunity to get practical experience working with and serving orphans by traveling to Ethiopia and South Africa. During these trips, she stayed at various orphanages, supporting the long term missionaries, and developing a deeper knowledge and passion for orphan care.  


Upon graduating, Bailee began working at a group home for teen girls and their babies involved with DCFS and probation.This experience propelled her to do more, as she saw firsthand that a residential treatment center is not a sufficient replacement to holistically meet a child’s needs. Bailee desired to work directly with foster and adoptive families who are willing to meet these children's deepest need, a forever home and family.