Praise and Prayers


During the month of October, we had a beautiful 15 y/o girl (called Grace, not her real name) adopted by her Antioch Adoptions forever family.  We are a part of so may amazing adoption stories but this one has a very special place in our hearts. Grace was born medically fragile and was not expected to live past infancy.  Her birth parents had many struggles in their lives and could not care for Grace.  At 9 months old, Grace became a dependent of the state, and was transferred to a medical group home until she could one day be adopted.

For many years, Grace's social workers (she had many wonderful people on her team) were desperately searching for an adoptive family for her because they believed every child deserves a family.  In mid-2016, Grace's social worker brough her to an event in which families who desire to adopt from foster care and foster children needing adoptive families are brought together, in a gymnasium, with the hopes of connections being made. This family spent time with Grace and felt an immediate connection with her. The next day, they contacted their Antioch Adoption's placement coordinator and said they would like to learn more about Grace as they felt the Lord was calling them to be her family.

In September of 2016, Grace was placed with this family. Since placement day, this famiy has loved and served Grace as she has struggled through illnesses, numerous hospitalizations and ER trips, multiple times per week dialysis treatments, and risky surgeries. Today, the progress that Grace has made medically, emotionally, and spiritually is nothing short of a miracle. It has been so encouraging to watch the Lord work in and through this entire family as they trust and depend on Him for His strength. This family heard the Lord's call and through their obedience He has brought about so much blessing.

We praise the Lord for allowing us to be just a small part of Grace's jourey and we are excited to see how the Lord continues to use her for His glory.  Please remember this family and Grace in your prayers before the Lord. Grace is need of another kidney transplant and we ask you to seek the Lord for His provision for her.