• Foster Care Adoption Case Manager (Intern)

    Position Responsibilities -

    Pre-Placement Services:

    Counseling families as needed on issues pertinent to becoming an adoptive family including race, culture, special needs, etc.  Discussing multiple facets of adoption with families to make sure they are knowledgeable in all areas of adoption.

    • Verifying and certifying that the following material has been discussed with each family.
    • The potential for the child to have feelings of identity, confusion and loss regarding separation from the birth parents.
    • Disclosure of the adoption to the child.
    • The child's possible questions about birth parents and relatives.
    • The relevance of the child's racial, ethnic and cultural heritage.
    • Completing home studies of families containing all relevant information as needed.
    • Attending scheduled staffing meetings.
    • Foster licensing of families according to the WACS
    • Reports to Program Manager and performs all duties and responsibilities as required, according to the policies and procedures of Antioch Adoptions.

    Post Placements Case Management:

    • Providing post-placement supervision of families as required, monthly health and safety visits until finalization.
    • Visits will continue as needed to support, assist and evaluate child and family integration, and incorporation.
    • Written reports will be produced as needed and visits summarized in case notes.
    • CPS referrals or incident reports will be reported immediately to Children Administration.
    • Adoption support subsidy will be facilitated and application submitted.
    • After the final visit, prepare an appropriate post-placement report.
    • Attending scheduled staffing at which you must discuss any post-placement pre-adoption issues that present you with a cause for concern or require consultation.

    Essential Skills and Experience:

    • Personal knowledge of Jesus Christ.
    • Ability to successfully assess a family's ability to adapt through the use of assessment tools.
    • Computer literate in Microsoft Office Products.
    • Demonstrate ability to organize, plan and follow through with job responsibilities and assigned tasks in a professional manner.
    • Drive to family's homes within assigned geographical areas.
    • Willing to work occasional evenings and weekends to meet with families or attend recruitment/training events.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Actively pursuing a B.A. or B.S. in Human Services, Social Work, Psychology or other related field from an accredited college or university.

    Required Education:

    • Associates Degree or similar academic education.

    Send resume with cover letter to foreverfamily@antiochadoptions.org