Child Placement Announcement

September has already started off with a bang!  THREE children have been adopted already.

Adoptions News!

On August 15th, we had a 9 year old boy officially adopted by his forever family. Adoptions Day is always special, but it was made even more special by the fact that the judge went outside of his regular day of doing adoptions to officiate the adoption on this boy's birthday! God has created another Birth Day for this child as he is welcomed into his new life and new family!

Placement News!

On August 18th, we placed a 12 year old foster child with his new family.  This boy is a Christian, and he had a hand in finding his forever family with his social worker.  His first request: he wanted a Christian family.  The Lord certainly had HIS hand in this blessing!

Exciting News!

We have over 40 potential adoptive families waiting to attend our Introduction Classes! Be in prayer for the Antioch Adoptions Staff, these new families and foster children desperately waiting to be placed in their new homes.

We thank you in advance for praying with us.  We praise the Lord for allowing all of us (especially YOU) to be a part of His ministry.