Church Partnerships

As an organization dedicated to placing children in the homes of Christian families, 

we rely on relationships with churches to keep our ministry going.  No matter the size of

your church, we've got ways for you to get involved.

Why the Church?

In Washington State, there are about 10,000 children in foster care, but did you know there are also about 5,000 Christian churches?  Check out this video, which explores how God's people are the answer for children in our state's foster care system...   


The Church is Undeniably Called

We are passionate about seeing the Church engage in adopting foster children because scripture reveals that God is passionate about it too. A thread woven throughout the Old and New Testaments is that God calls His people to not just cease from doing evil, but learn to do good... to correct oppression... to seek justice for the fatherless.

This thread is not mere duty, but a response to the reality of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The reality that we were orphans ourselves, but have been adopted into God's family. The reality that His love has radically transformed us.  The reality that He calls us to engage in making disciples... adoption is a disciple-making venture worth engaging in.

The call to be involved extends beyond foster and adoptive parents.  The Church has a role to play not just in encouraging and equipping them, but also in seeking ways to be the voice of the voiceless and to support the work that is already going on.

The Church is Uniquely Equipped

We believe the Church is a body with many parts - all working together to accomplish what God calls His people to do. Adopting children from foster care is rewarding, but it is also challenging. The Church is unique in its structure and nature, and is an essential part of God accomplishing His work of being the Father to the fatherless.  

The Church has an opportunity to rally around families who are engaged in foster care or adoption.  To let them know they are loved, appreciated, and valued.  To let them know that they're not being judged for having children who don't fit in.  Being an adoption-friendly church starts here.

How to Get Involved...

It doesn't need to be complicated.  Here are some of the various ways your church can get involved in the work we and your people are doing:

  • Preach about God's heart for the orphaned each year.  
    (A great time to do this is in November - Adoption Awareness Month)
  • Identify families in your church who are involved in adoption and foster care, and minister to them.
  • Host an Orphan Sunday.
  • Host an Adoption/Foster Care info night.
  • Have a small group host an Impact for Orphans fundraiser.
  • Pray that God would raise up adoptive families from your congregation.
  • Invite Antioch Adoptions to share a brief word with your congregation.
  • Support Antioch Adoptions financially.
  • Open up your facility for classes, fund raisers, etc.

These are just a few simple ways to get involved.  

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