Family Stories


Birth Family Program

Listen to two birth mothers tell their story. See how church and businesses partner to help.

The Vintertun Family Story

Listen to Xavier's Adoption Story.

The Wilson Family

The Wilson's followed where God led and trusted Him for the results, The Wilson's are now a family of 11 children!

The Bennett Family

The Bennett's share their story about how they could move forward with confidence because they knew God was in control. They only had a few days to prepare for the arrival of their two children!

Celebrating an Adoptive Child's Life

Amanda Ury, one of the children who has been adopted through Antioch Adoptions, has an amazing life story to tell about her past. Yet, it is the brightness of her future and the aroma of God's glory in it all which captures all of our hearts. 

Antioch Adoptions 2016

The nature of the foster care and the role Antioch Adoptions plays come together well in this video. I pray you find the opportunity to seek out this great organization and learn how you and those you love can get involved. Maybe it is your business or another social entity you are a part of, either way the need is great. 

Antioch Adoptions TV Commercial

Children in foster care bounce around numerous homes before ever finding permanency if ever. Upwards of twenty-five thousand (25,000) young adults age out of the United States foster care system every year. The data on the ultimate outcome of these young adult lives is not a beautiful one (trafficking, incarcerations, pregnancies, illiteracy, drug abuse, etc.) Antioch Adoptions' provides fee-free adoptions services aimed at finding every child a forever family (permanency) rather than having to age out of foster care. 

The Miller's Story

An Antioch Adoptions story involving the Miller family.