Godparent Program

You can be a vital part of the process for each and every child that gets placed into a

safe and loving family, as well as every adoption that is finalized, 

making the dream of permanency a reality for those children!

Our Godparents are faithful stewards who have committed to partnering with us

by supporting our ministry through a monthly donation

They are the foundation of this ministry!

Why Become a Godparent?

There are many reasons to become one of our Godparents.  Some of these include...
  • Financial stability.  Godparents allow us us to have dependable, steady income, which allows us to be more focused on our mission. 

  • Seeing the Impact.  Our Godparents directly impact the lives of children in need of a safe and loving forever family - they are a part of each adoption we facilitate.  We provide our Godparents with regular updates, so they can see the sustained impact of their donations. 

  • Encouragement.  All of our families want to know that they aren't alone.  They receive encouragement through the support of our Godparents.

Consider joining our Godparent program today!