Why Antioch Adoptions?



Antioch Adoptions is a non-profit Christian agency in Washington and Arizona with the goal of making family a reality for every foster child currently on the path to adoption. Since its establishment in 2000, Antioch Adoptions has finalized over 500 fee-free adoptions. There are currently 2,803 children on the path to adoption in Washington State and 2,421 children on the path to adoption in Arizona .  

Antioch Adoptions assists Christian parents with foster care licensing and closely follows your family through the process to a finalized adoption. Since the focus at Antioch Adoptions is on permanency for foster children, the agency takes very seriously the best interests of the adoptive parents and the foster child when placing a child in a home.

We also build families and relationships through our Private Adoption Program. The goal for the birth family and the adoptive parents should be the same - successful completion of an adoptive plan where a relationship is built between the birth family and the adoptive family who both share love for their child.

Antioch Adoptions uses the Trust-Based Relational Intervention® model to work with children from hard places. This evidence-based and trauma-informed model not only supports the children placed in your home but also helps us support you as a parent. 

Antioch Adoptions keeps caseloads small in order to provide individualized attention to needs that may arise during your adoption process.   

Antioch Adoptions does not receive any financial support for its services from the State of Washington or the State of Arizona. The agency is supported through financial donations made by its many supporters, including churches, grants and corporations.

Antioch Adoptions is committed to the foundation of traditional biblical principles for our ministry and for every family we serve.