Adoption Process


Introduction Class

Attend our informational Introduction Class to learn about our ministry and decide if Antioch Adoptions is the right fit for you. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and obtain a next steps application. Classes are held monthly and require preregistration by emailing us at



After we receive your application, you will be contacted to schedule a pre-screening interview with Antioch Adoptions Family Development Coordinator. During your interview, various topics will be discussed, such as your motivation to adopt, family history, marriage, etc. You will also have a spiritual prescreen with one of the Antioch Bible Church pastors.  You will receive an email notifying you that you have been approved to move on to the next step in our process.


Training Classes (CCT and CPR/First Aid)

Complete approximately 24 hours of Caregiver Core Training (CCT) that will help prepare you for the foster/adopt process. Attend in person Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) classes (one Saturday a month for 4 months).



Complete paperwork that is required by both Antioch Adoptions and the State of Washington or Arizona. This important paperwork will help your Case Manager write your adoption pre-placement report or home study. 


Home Study/Licensing

After receiving your completed homework, Antioch Adoptions will assign you a Case Manager to complete your home study and foster license your home.  Your Case Manager will schedule home visits to assess whether your family is prepared for foster care adoption and also to discuss topics related to placing a child in your home.  These topics include medical and family history,  financial information, religious involvement, etc. Most importantly, you will discuss in-depth the child you dream of adopting. After the home study and licensing paperwork is complete, the State of Washington or the State of Arozona will send Antioch Adoptions confirmation of your licensing approval.



Antioch Adoptions Placement Coordinator will help to facilitate the placement of a child into your home from the Washington State or Arizona State Foster Care System.


Ongoing Case Management

Once a child is placed in your home, a Case Manager will again be assigned to your family.  They will visit you and your home at least once per month and help you navigate the complexities of adjusting to the children in your home.  The Case Manager will assist with service referrals, crisis management and preparing you and your family for the final step of adoption.



Adoption finalization is when we all celebrate! Initially, the child placed in your home is still a dependent of Washington or Arizona.  It can often take months to years  for the adoption process to be completed (finalized) after a child is placed in your home.   Finalization includes an adoption hearing that involves you making a lifelong commitment to parent your child.