Zeke Bambolo

Executive Director

Ezechiel “Zeke” Bambolo, Jr. was born in Liberia, West Africa and came to the United States in 1991 as a result of a civil war in the country. Despite the social and emotional trials caused by war, he became a successful collegiate athlete and student. As a firstborn son, he accepted the challenge given by his father to embrace God’s biblical instructions for this role. Ezekiel restored his family from destruction and chaos to peace and unity.  

Antioch Adoptions is a natural extension of what Zeke had already purposed to do with his life. He founded, Family Legacy Builders, where he trains families and high risk youth about the importance of Bible-based family legacy. 

He authored a book Firstborn Son: A Curse, a Gift, or a Calling about Liberian culture, civil war, and restoration of family. He has personal experience with adoption and foster care after helping children who had faced loss after being torn from families, losing track of siblings and immediate family members, having nowhere to go, and living in the chaos that war created.